Baby Driver Spoiler-Free Review

Edgar Wright’s new action blockbuster Baby Driver was released into UK cinemas today. After all the hype online from both the press and celebrity fans, I just had to go see it. Wright is best known for his collaboration on the Cornetto Trilogy with Simon Pegg, this film is change of pace for the director but not altogether too different. Baby Driver sees Ansel Elgort as protagonist Baby, a getaway driver with a killer playlist and follows his attempts to escape his criminal life. The film also features big stars such as Kevin Spacey, John Hamm and Lily James creating a line up Hollywood couldn’t resist.

One stand out part of this film is its soundtrack, provided in the film through Baby’s iPod, setting the mood and the pace throughout. Every song choice in the selection is deliberate and creates – or rather – emphasises the emotions of each scene, during the fast paced car chases the songs choices increase the urgency felt by the audience. There is also a lot of playfulness with the music; everything within the film including all action is in perfect synchronicity with the constant music. This is most evident during Elgorts dance sequences, his energetic and flawless performances add humour to the film and sweetness to his character.  All of the actors and sequences show amazing musicality giving evidence for the large amount of work and attention to detail that had been put into the film. Attention to detail is one of Wrights specialities. One detail I personally enjoyed and is one to look out for is the use of graffiti during the coffee-house sequences, similar to the use of the bokeh filter in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (pictured) this adds subtle cues for the audience.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010)
Despite being an obviously thrilling action film, there are moments of comedy subtly added which hails back to Wrights other films proving this is not the huge leap for the director. One fault I would say with the film is the lack of depth some of the characters have, Jamie Foxx and Lily James play key roles, as Bats and Debora, throughout the film but are given little if any back story . This lack of depth can make the characters seem 2D and more cliché. However Ansel Elgort as the lead character provided understated emotion and quiet confidence for the film and it is clear this young actor will continue to take the film industry by storm.

One final praise for this film is that it will age incredibly well, the classic car chase scenes and the non-era specific music and style mean this film already feels like a classic. I expect big things for this film and not just in the immediate future, highly praised already by critics it should continue to be held highly long into the future. I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for something different to all the summer blockbusters coming out over the next few weeks.

5/5 stars

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  1. I love it when movies really succeed in incorporating a fantastic soundtrack and from what I have heard, Baby Driver has aced it in that department. So excited to see the film, it’s a great alternative to all the blockbusters and popcorn movies that’ll be released this summer. I’m not a big Ansel Elgort fan but I’ll be willing to make an exception for this movie, and hey, maybe I’ll like him a lot more after this. Great review, and thanks for skipping the spoilers.

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