New to drawing…

As many people have this year, I have taken up art as a new hobby. I spent most of 2020 trying to learn to paint with cheap acrylics or watercolours. I even gave embroidery a shot and I have all the equipment to prove it. At Christmas I was very lucky to be given an iPad and I have now embarked on a journey of digital drawing. My thought process is that I can learn traditional drawing and painting techniques on my iPad and then later apply these to my acrylics or my watercolours.

What I have found through this journey into a new art form is that like a majority of hobbies one can only really get good at it through practice and the availability of materials and time. Now at least for me this year time hasn’t been a problem but access too good quality materials that make all the difference is difficult for those with little spare income. I have seen a lot of my friends and peers take up or reignite their passion for drawing; both they and I have had access to these materials. And many people had access to materials this year so they could post their new art work all over social media. Lots of lockdown hobbies have relied on people spending their spare income on materials or ingredients which a lot of people have been unable to do. I, like many others, was made redundant due to the pandemic and now don’t have any spare income to spend on hobbies to fill my endlessly empty days. While I have been lucky with my haul of Christmas presents, many others won’t have been. So spare a thought when you post your latest art work or ask people to visit your online shop.

And finally to induce my very first digital drawings, I swear I will get better!

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