Hello there,

Since you’ve found this page you must be on my blog, and for that I thank you. I’m Milly as you may have realised by now and I am trying to break into the world of online journalism.

I am currently a university student at Queen Mary’s University of London, I study Drama and English so I’d expect a lot of that type of thing on here. Also you’ll probably be hearing a lot about my time at university especially my time as a drama student.

I am currently trying my hand at reviewing hence the name, this will cover both theatre and film, and who knows maybe I will review other things such as books and TV. I have also decided to publish some of my poetry on here, poems that I consider a work in progress will be titled Personal Prose pt.(insert number here) and anything I finish will be given a real name.

Please give me feedback on anything I write, or comment anything you want to be honest I will happily get back you or check out your blogs.

Thank you whoever you are!

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