Why Do They Keep Making Spiderman Films?

Spiderman issue #1 cover

John Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out on the 7th of July bringing a new character to further into the Disney Marvel Studios universe. However this is not a new character for marvel fans at all, in fact since the turn of the century there have been two previous incarnations of the web slinging teenager. Then why, you might ask, is it being remade again? There are many reasons for bringing Spiderman into the Disney Marvel Studios universe, the main reason is Spiderman is one of the most famous comic book super heroes in the world competing with the likes of Batman and Superman from the DC comics’ universe.

So just how famous is Spiderman and why wasn’t he included in the original line up Avengers superheroes? If you Google the term Spiderman it will pull up over 161,000,000 results, and when you compare that to Ironman the lead character in the Disney Marvel universe which only brings up 115,000,000 results. Spiderman is one of the oldest characters in the marvel universe having his debut in 1962. The character broke ground by being the first teen protagonist; previously all teenaged characters had been sidekicks. Having a younger protagonist lead to Spiderman being more relatable for younger readers and hence the target market of the comics. The characters normal background also made him relatable to normal high school students and therefore making him more popular. However Disney did not hold the rights to create Spiderman film until an agreement with Sony in 2015 to allow the character to be used. This is why it has taken so long to include the character in the Avengers line up. Disney had been fighting to include Spiderman in their universe since 2014 showing the draw of the superhero for the new genre of comic based films. This is certainly why so many Spiderman films have been created as they are always going to draw an audience and the character doesn’t need much introduction.

Another possible reason they have to change actors and recreate the films, is due to the characters young age and the amount of time that goes into a production. Actors are cast in the role and look at least comparable to a high school student, Toby Maguire was 32 when he took on the role still barely managing to look teenage, the long gap between the following films (alongside the rocky reception of the third) ended Maguire’s time as Spiderman. The next reincarnation attempted to fight this aging battle by casting younger actor Andrew Garfield, however even he was 30 by the time he left The

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

Amazing Spiderman franchise. Is it possible that Disney have cast Tom Holland aged only 21 to bring longevity to a Spiderman franchise? Having the ability for one actor to carry on with the role over multiple films is something Disney use a lot and Holland revealed in 2016 he is signed to three Spiderman movies suggesting that the character will be around for a while to come.



Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War (2016)

The new incarnation of the superhero seems far more in touch with the normal high school student aspect of the character and this is how it differs from the previous franchises. Disney knows that everyone knows the origin of Spiderman and so is leaving that story out of their films so far, a brief introduction in Captain America: Civil War created enough intrigue for the upcoming film. Spiderman: Homecoming also seems to be more tech oriented another way to appeal to the younger audiences. For one I am excited about the new prospects of Tom Holland’s Spiderman especially seeing the character interact with other superheroes some more.


As with all my posts on here, my opinions are my own and I wouldn’t say I am an expert in anything I write about. In this case I am just a big fan with some theories I would like to share. You can go see Spiderman: Homecoming in UK cinemas on July 7th.

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