Personal Prose Pt.4

A Piece of Me With you there is a piece of me. Please look after this small piece Care for it, Keep it safe. I gave you a piece of me. I gave you it when I shared my life with you, When I fractioned my time on earth To be with you. To care... Continue Reading →

Personal Prose Pt.3

I have the sun on my skinAnd the wind in my hair. When I close my eyes, I can feel my heartbeat. And I think of you. I have the rain on my skin And a gale in my hair. When I close my eyes, I can feel the tightness in my chest. And I... Continue Reading →

Personal Prose pt.2

Alone.  At last some peace, All expectations of the world lifted from my shoulders. Time to decompress and think. But that peace turns to oppression, The once calming quiet now a silent deadweight on my lungs. The rot of doubt grows in my stomach, Unable to stop thoughts of isolation shouting in the silence of... Continue Reading →

Personal Prose

The Beginning. We came from a thought, an impulse, an action. We grew out of this, We grew into an amazing unique being. No one’s heart will beat like yours, No one’s eyes will see the world your way, But it will end. We will go back to that thought one day.   That is... Continue Reading →

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