Spoiler-free Spiderman: Homecoming Review

The Marvel universe returns in summer blockbuster Spiderman: Homecoming. Following a preview of the character last year in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland’s Spiderman really comes into his own this year in the solo feature film. The film centres around Peter Parker learning to be superhero and fighting the big guys against the wishes... Continue Reading →

Why Do They Keep Making Spiderman Films?

John Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out on the 7th of July bringing a new character to further into the Disney Marvel Studios universe. However this is not a new character for marvel fans at all, in fact since the turn of the century there have been two previous incarnations of the web slinging teenager. Then... Continue Reading →

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 Review

The eagerly awaited sequel to Marvel’s more humorous side. After the unexpected cult success of the first film how does Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 stand up to audiences’ expectations? The soundtrack as expected is amazing, being released a week prior to the UK premier audiences had plenty of time to acquaint themselves to the... Continue Reading →

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