Ocean Eyes

So vast and deep and blue.

It would be O’ so easy,

So easy to succumb to you.

Fall and drown in the deep.

But you, more powerful than the earth,

Draw me more and more out to sea.

Bringing destruction to the shores of my mind.


Bringing lost creatures back from the depths,

Beings from the past.

Changed, made anew.

Your restless tides powered by some otherworldly goddess.

Never unpredictable yet,

Changeable as the wind or mood of a tyrant.


And I fall.

A mere drop in you ocean.

But do I? When you make me float.

Soaring, riding the highest waves,

Never crashing.

Only ever cradled on the horizon.

Always peaceful but never still.


Will someday this tide turn on me?

Wash me up on some foreign soil?

Changed, made anew.

Now I have succumbed,

These uncertain currents dictate my path.

Now I have fallen,

I have one choice, sink or swim.

Go with the flow

Or swim to what is left of the shore.

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