Milly Studies

So I’ve just handed my last essay of the year: no more performances, no more Shakespeare, and no more Robinson Crusoe.

Starting university has been one of the most fun experiences of my life so far, I’ve met some great people and I’ve had the chance to be a part of some great things. I am lucky to go to a very experimental university with a reputation for letting students try new forms of art. Compared to doing a straight play or even a musical pushing myself in this way has been a great challenge.

My end of year performance was one of the scariest things I have ever done on stage, for the sake of my art I went right ahead and took my clothes off. Now at any other university that might be shocking or unexpected, the great thing about my course is that so far I’ve seen at least 4 other people get nude on stage for their work. However did I think I’d be so daring in my first year? Hell no. The decision came to if I as a performer thought it would help my piece, not just to be daring, would being nude on stage really make my piece a better experience? The answer in the end was yes, being nude made the subject my group was making a statement on more shocking and have more impact.

Now that’s not all I have done this year, I also had the chance to see some wonderful shows as part of my studies. Having my first trip to the Globe as part of my Shakespeare module was astonishing and I cannot wait to go back soon now I have more free time. I also got to see some alumni of my university perform when I saw Sh!t Theatre at the Soho Theatre (something I wrote my first review of actually). Having these experiences has inspired me and let me know I made the right choice to come study in London.

Being a joint honours student between the English and Drama departments is something that has been hard for me and I will probably go on to write many more posts about this. However by doing this I got the chance to learn some amazing things about the world of drama and performance whilst gaining a better understanding literary theory. Literary theory sounds very boring and believe me it is, but that rush when you understand a complex part of literary philosophy or can quote Roland Barthes in your essays really does make up for it.

Hopefully now I am done I can go see some great theatre and carry on my journey into online journalism via you lovely people who read my posts.

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